March 2018

Springtime Sours and Easter Drinks

What is it about springtime that makes the cocktails so much more delicious? Maybe it's the fresh herbs, or the promise of warmer weather. Either way it's time to pick your poison for Easter this weekend and there are loads of recipe ideas to choose from. Easter always makes me think of mimosas and yummy fruit drinks, so a twist on the Orange Julius is one fun option. The Arancia Julius is a fresh breakfast-y beverage you'll want to try if you like those.

Bacon Drinks

Years ago, if someone offered you a bacon-flavored milkshake or a cocktail with bacon, you might have blanched. What a weird thing to do, combine bacon with drinks! Today when someone mentions they had a bacon milkshake, they are more likely simply asked if it featured maple flavor, too, or not.

Irish Drinking Songs

As a part-Irish lass, I'm still not so keen on St. Patrick's Day. Running all of the "snakes" (AKA pagans) out of Ireland just doesn't sit well with me. Even so, plenty of Irish (and non-Irish) folks gather to celebrate the 17th with a pint or two every year and that leads to some really fun Irish drinking songs!

Irish drinking songs are often jovial (if a bit pugnacious), mood-lightening ditties that just shake you out of your doldrums. I love a good Irish song, period, and I'll take the music over the standard holiday. Pinch me, I dare ya!