January 2018

Teardrop Lounge

Take your date, coworkers or friends for a night out at Teardrop if you're searching for a chic venue with exquisite cocktails. Drinks that serve multiple people, like the famous Runaway's Delight, are a specialty at Teardrop. A layered drink like the Bullseye will wake your tastebuds up while the Modern Hyena will have you feeling hygge in no time.

Zig Zag Cafe

Sometimes you don't feel like making drinks at home, or maybe you're out of vermouth. Either way, it's fun to go out and have someone else make the cocktails every once in a while. At Zig Zag Cafe, you can order from a wide variety of drinks and not be disappointed. The neighborhood bar and restaurant is a cozy yet sexy place to share an appetizer and some drinks.

Women Still Can't Buy Alcohol

Did you know that it's illegal to purchase alcohol in Sri Lanka if you are a woman? Recently the outdated law was challenged but the president, Maithripala Sirisena, held a rally not only to stop it from happening but to also make sure women continue to require a PERMIT to drink in bars! Holy smokes. They haven't been able to buy alcohol for 60 years in the country.

Alcohol Damages Stem Cells

Research published today demonstrates that not only does alcohol use lead to cancer, but it does so through breaking stem cells permanently through the production of acetaldehyde, a chemical released when the body processes alcohol. It's distressing news for frequent drinkers since it can lead to at least 7 different types of cancer. Professor Ketan Patel, who lead the study, says that drinking may increase risks.