December 2017

Naked Dining and Drinking

Public. Nude. Dining. Would you do it?

There are several restaurants in the world where you can get your drink and food on while in your birthday suit. Several restaurants, particularly in Paris, allow nude dining as an experience during your meal. At O'Naturel, for example, patrons are asked to disrobe and leave their clothing behind before they sit to eat. They may be blocked from being viewed outside the restaurant but all of the guests can see each other dining.

Retro Rum Punch

Remember when Jane and Michael had to take their medicine in Mary Poppins and she made it taste amazing, choosing rum punch for her own cordial? Poppins had great taste. Rum punch is a fantastic holiday cocktail that's easy to make and festive for the occasion. All you have to do is stir the ingredients together in a punch bowl, but you can serve it in glasses, too.

Learn From the Best

Fans of well-known bartender, author and journalist Jim Meehan know that he knows his drinks. So when he offers advice about how to make the best holiday beverages, we listen up! His first big tip that seems obvious is to not just buy "base spirits," because then you'll only end up serving all drinks on the rocks, which can be pretty boring and flavorless, even too strong, for many guests.

Cannabis Drinks Are Coming to Canada

Canadians are excited about the legalization of cannabis coming next summer, and U.S. sellers of cannabis-infused food and drinks are already poised to sell their wares up north. Puration, a U.S.-based company, is preparing a line of cannabis-infused drinks to sell in Canada next year once legalization of recreational marijuana goes into effect. 

Fans of Puration are likely already familiar with their cannabis-infused sports drink, EVERx, which is the only sports drink that includes cannabis right now.