August 2017

Sparkling Water as a Base

Every day, it seems as if there's a new carbonated water beverage available. Blood orange was the latest flavor that I saw (it was delicious), but you can get everything from blackberry cucumber to apple-berry from makers like LaCroix. If you have a Soda Stream or another carbonated drink machine at home, you can even design your own new flavors every time you want something new, giving you limitless options. Why not incorporate these into your cocktails?

Drink Your Way Across the USA

Ever heard of the Duck Fart? It's the unofficial state drink of Alaska! While state drinks don't have the seal of approval that, say, state flowers and birds have, they are still a fun way to explore different states. Some people check off states by capitals, others by famous features, but if you enjoy drinking, how about using the state drinks guide as your bucket list?

Don't Miss Out on Summer Fun!

Summer will be over before you know it! Have you decided what your favorite or signature cocktail of 2017 is yet? If not, this list of the best summer cocktails may help steer you in the right direction. Not only are they all deliciously summery, but they are also unique and easy to make. The Frida, named after Frida Kahlo, is both tasty and gorgeous with a bit of spicy heat.