July 2017

Where is your favorite happy hour?

When it comes to happy hour, sometimes it's all about where you know! Lots of restaurants only post their happy hour details within, making it harder to find a great happy hour unless you are already eating at the restaurant in question. Most places have something going on between 3:00 and 6:00 but it's not always clear, so why not share all of the happy hours that we know in one chat? 

The Importance of Quality Liquor

It had been so long since I mixed a drink that I wasn't really paying attention when I made the margarita (on the rocks). I mixed it perfectly; I took a bartending class in my early 20s and didn't do too badly in it. I took a sip and winced. Okay, maybe not so perfect. I looked down and realized I had just used some of the crappiest tequila in my drink. I remember buying it in a pinch a long time ago for a party (we didn't even use it) and I didn't think much about it when I used it for our Fourth of July drinks. Yikes.