May 2017

Which Famous Person Drank Your Drink?

Have you ever wondered if any famous person was known for drinking your signature cocktail? Plenty of famous people are well-known for their drinks of choice and you might be surprised. Think that Hemingway was well-known for drinking Scotch or gin? Nope. He was a lover of the mojito!

F. Scott Fitzgerald was a fan of the Gin Rickey, and Jack Kerouac loved himself a mean margarita. (Funny how this list is mostly populated with writers.)

Choice Cocktails for Mother's Day

Are you preparing the details for your big Mother's Day meal yet? Some moms love to go out to brunch and while I am one of them, on a day like Mother's Day I'd much rather stay home and have something in. I'm not a crowd person. If your mom is an introvert like me, think about making something delicious for her this year without making her leave the house! I usually ask for something simple like eggplant parmesan or cucumber sandwiches, but anything is great in my book, even if it's just PB&J!