April 2017

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Has your drinking become a little boring lately? Searching the web for the latest cocktails on Pinterest can be fun, but how about the element of surprise? There are several good drinking blogs to follow on Facebook that will deliver a new recipe to your feed every few days, giving you something new to try without having to do any research on your own at all. Cocktail Recipe is one of these blogs.

Fewer Pregnant Women Drinking Today

Not all states require point of sale signs that indicate the dangers of drinking while pregnant, but in those that do, a significant decrease in the number of pregnant moms who drink has been discovered. In states that require the signs, there has been an 11% decrease in instances of mothers drinking, which helps prevent issues like prematurity and low birth weight.

Bartender Tips

Have you ever made a drink at home, took a sip, and winced? It can be difficult to blend something just like the pros do, but remember that they’ve had lots of experience! They also know plenty of great tips to help you craft the perfect cocktail. Here are a couple of good ones!

·         Martinis have no juice, so they should always be stirred.

·         Fruity drinks need to be shaken, then poured.