March 2017

Changing Childhood Favorites Into Adult Drinks

There’s something so comforting about your favorite childhood dish. Whether it’s macaroni and cheese, chicken and dumplings, grilled cheese with tomato soup or something else, the feeling it conjures is both nostalgic and safe, making you feel cozy and loved when you eat it. Did you ever think the same about a childhood dessert?

What's Your Signature Drink?

It may come as a surprise to some people that having a drink named after you ranks pretty high on many a bucket list. While some of these individuals may achieve gold barfly status, earning themselves a drink named after them, others may have to be content with naming their own drinks after mixing them in the comfort of their own basement bars. Any of these options is fun and as far as I'm concerned counts toward your bucket list checkmark--but the question is, what would a drink named after you look like?

Ben Affleck Talks Rehab

Hopefully it's a success story for the Batman star this time: Ben Affleck says that he has completed treatment for alcohol addiction, something that he has had to deal with on and off in the past. Like many drinkers, Affleck says that it's something he is just going to have to battle throughout his life, and that there is no shame in getting help. He also wants to be a good example for his children in terms of dealing with his problems.

To Drink or Not To Drink

Happy Hour is the social drinker’s best friend, but you have to wonder at those who casually add their poison of choice to their bill regularly. Any given cocktail can easily cost anywhere between $6 and $10, with many drinks even costing more, depending upon their contents and how complicated they are to make. Many restaurants don’t even post drink prices, prompting patrons to blindly order a drink without even knowing what that drink will cost them.

Pick Your Poison

When it comes to drinking, a one size fits all approach does not suit most people. Drinkers usually know what kind of alcohol they prefer, whether it’s a whiskey neat or a time consuming fresh-fruit involving masterpiece, like the Lemon Drop. Still others love a signature drink like the Manhattan but prefer it with a specific type of alcohol that can often confuse bartenders.