December 2011

Hot Cider With Whiskey

A Winter Treat

Recently I wrote about Johnny Jump Ups, the heretical but delicious combination of hard cider and whiskey. This week I had the opportunity to try a winter variation on this seductive concept, which is whiskey mixed with “soft cider” and warmed up into a tasty and soothing combination.


It's kind of like an adult version of hot cocoa- something to warm you up, relax you, and put your body and spirit into that mellow place we all want to be in when we decide to have a drink.

Never Add Anything to Whiskey, Unless...

It's Cider!

I am completely opposed, on the most serious moral, philosophical and possibly even theological grounds, to mixing anything with whiskey. If you don't really like whiskey, please don't drink it- but don't treat it like some cheap vodka you have to sweeten up with a Coke. Vodka doesn't have any flavor- okay, it has the flavor of medicine- so I can understand tarting it up if you don't have any better options. But whiskey is a lady.