July 2011

Glemorangie 18

An aged Scotch that grows facial hair and bestows a slight Edinborough accent.


I'm a recent arrival to the world of single-malt scotch, having been taught how to actually drink the stuff only a year ago. (Unlike in college with bottom-shelf bottles that all taste like varnish, there's a bit of a science to it) One thing I've learned is that scotch tastings are fantastic places to learn lots of great things about scotch; manufacture, pallate, history, and nuance. I recently had the opportunity to taste a Glenmorangie 18; an 18 year old single-malt scotch whiskey. The Glemorangie spends 15 years in a white oak aged barrel, after which 30% is removed and placed in a Spanish cask for another three years, and then recombined with its original barrel. The result is an incredibly nuance and smooth flavored scotch, one that any self-respecting armchair connoisseur would love to have in their cellar.

Best drunk: from a squeaky leather armchair in someone's cigar-choked library talking about the good ole days and stroking your moustaches.