October 2010

Twenty 2 Vodka - Gotta Try It!

I just tried Twenty 2 vodka for the first time and it blew my mind.  A friend brought a bottle back from a trip to Maine.

It's the smoothest and cleanest vodka I've ever tried.  If I didn't see how fast the bottle emptied I would never have thought my drinks were so strong!

I don't know where to get it but I'm going to look for it.

Cold River Vodka, Fryeburg, Maine

I spotted a lovely etched glass bottle of vodka made in Maine while shopping for a friend recently. Cold River Vodka is made in Maine vodka that's made with Maine potatoes grown specifically for the Cold River Distillery. The distillery was born in 2005 when a member of long-term farming family began looking for another way to use the family's potatoes from their Fryeburg, Maine farms. Cold River Vodka uses potatoes grown at their Green Thumb Farms in Fryeburg, Maine, and water sourced from the nearby Cold River. The vodka is gluten-free as well. I tried the Classic Cold River vodka, but they also produce a blueberry infused vodka, and a traditional gin. The typical retail price is around $30.00 to $35.00 for a 750 ml bottle.