Your Favorite Tequila Cocktails

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One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor... Some of us handle tequila better than others, and I have friends who swear that it's the drink that does them in. They can handle anything but tequila! That seems odd to me, but I've always loved tequila and felt the opposite, so I just don't have that experience. 

So let's talk tequila! Some of my favorite recipes using tequila are, of course, margaritas. I try to stay low-sugar so I really like this recipe for a lowcarb margarita featuring orange extract, sugarfree syrup and lime juice. The tiny bit of orange extract really makes this one and you don't miss the normally sugary syrup. If you like yours fruitier, just grab two strawberries for this recipe.

What's your favorite use for tequila? Share it in the chat! 

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