Venice to Ban Booze?

Anything to cut down on tourism, apparently

Many areas hope to increase tourism in order to generate more revenue, but not Venice. Venice has plenty of tourists. Venice has so many tourists, in fact, that they are thinking about banning booze just to get rid of them. The problem, it should be noted, is not tourism itself, but the rowdy drunk tourists who act like fools in the streets and disrupt everybody's daily life.

If the law goes into effect, it will ban the carrying of alcohol after 7PM, even if you're carrying it in a grocery bag. That seems very excessive to residents, especially if the only time they have to grocery shop is during that time. Of course, people in Italy take their leisure time much more seriously than Americans do, so it's highly possible that 7PM is a rare time to do grocery shopping. Still, what a crappy law to have to enforce just because tourists can't handle their liquor. This is why Venice can't have nice things.

Do you think Venice should ban alcohol after 7PM? Are there any other solutions you can think of to combat this problem?

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