Unicorn Cocktail

What's your recipe?

How does tropical vodka with frozen lemonade sound to you? With candies, whipped cream and other goodies in it, is there any wonder why it's called a Unicorn Cocktail? This recipe even calls for the ultimate garnish--a waffle cone dipped with icing for the perfect edible "horn"!

As interesting as this sounds, it really doesn't feel like a unicorn drink to me. I make unicorn tea at home (really simply with Jordan's Skinny Unicorn Syrup!) and it tastes like blue raspberry, or cotton candy, which is a little closer to what I'd expect. But unicorns are supposed to be symbolic of innocence, and to me that calls for more of a vanilla or birthday cake flavor--something super simple--with some bright accent flavors and garnishes.

What about you? What sort of unicorn cocktails do you enjoy? Share them in the chat!

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