Teardrop Lounge

Step in for an amazing drink

Take your date, coworkers or friends for a night out at Teardrop if you're searching for a chic venue with exquisite cocktails. Drinks that serve multiple people, like the famous Runaway's Delight, are a specialty at Teardrop. A layered drink like the Bullseye will wake your tastebuds up while the Modern Hyena will have you feeling hygge in no time.

Of course there's more than the drinks to enjoy at Teardrop. From marrow bones to stuffed mushrooms, there's no shortage of things to nibble. Get the nachos for total indulgence and be sure to check out the $7 happy hour cocktails with amazing dessert flavors like streudel! 

Have you ever been to Teardrop? What do you suggest ordering on your first visit? Share your favorites in the chat!



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