Tea Sources Revealed

Where do you source your tea?

In some ways, it's easier than ever to purchase ethical, fair trade drinks that you know are less intrusive on the planet and people than other varieties. In other ways, purchasing teas, coffees and other beverages is harder since that means you often have to give up what you love to make for a better planet! 

Many brands are loathe to admit where they source their teas, especially if those sources include labor law violations that are perfectly legal in other countries, the use of child labor laws or the use of unethical practices. Fans of Clipper teas may want to hear that not only did the tea company recently reveal a list of its suppliers, but it went even further by listing names and addresses for full disclosure, going even further than the distance companies like Twinings, Yorkshire and Tetley. 

How do you make decisions when it comes to purchasing your tea? Share your resources and favorite tea companies (and flavors!) in the chat.

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