Stroopwafel Stout

Are you kidding me?

As a person who loves flavor but is trying to limit my sugar, I gotta say, living in 2019 is hard. There's temptation everywhere, and for every sugar-free alternative that is released, there are probably 500 sugary products to make you drool right behind it. Case in point: Stroopwafel Stout.

A local brewing company where I live released their own version, so I looked it up and sure enough, it's becoming a thing in several different places. If you love stroopwafels, which I do, and you love beer (I do, too), this has got to make your bucket list at some point. I'm just going to have to try a sip of someone else's!

Have you tried a stroopwafel stout? How was it? Have you had any other holiday flavors lately? Post your links in the chat!

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