Springtime Sours and Easter Drinks

Whip something up this weekend

What is it about springtime that makes the cocktails so much more delicious? Maybe it's the fresh herbs, or the promise of warmer weather. Either way it's time to pick your poison for Easter this weekend and there are loads of recipe ideas to choose from. Easter always makes me think of mimosas and yummy fruit drinks, so a twist on the Orange Julius is one fun option. The Arancia Julius is a fresh breakfast-y beverage you'll want to try if you like those.

At the same link you'll find a delicious take on a yogurt drink, the Bee's Breakfast, which features both honey and berries so you think you're still enjoying something healthy. If you love carrot juice and ginger, the Two Charlies cocktail is perfect for your morning brunch and it fits in well with the theme of the day.

What cocktails are you preparing for company on Sunday? Share your recipes in the chat.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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