Peachy Drinks To Celebrate Summer

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It is the perfect time of year to celebrate all things peachy, from peach picking to peach drink mixing! Once you're done slicing your peaches for your drinks? Use any extra top top some ice cream on a hot day. Yum! I can't get enough peaches, myself, and every time my lovely aunt sends me a photo of whatever new concoction she's made from her peach tree's fruit, I want to fly over and try it!

She made this excellent peach drink over the weekend, but she added a bit of booze to give it more kick. The mint really brings out the flavor and I find that you really don't need the added sugar; you could even just add a tiny bit of sweetener if you prefer. I also love how thick you can make this drink--that's the beauty of fruits like peaches and bananas that give you that rich, thick consistency.

What kinds of peach drinks are you whipping up lately? Share your recipes in the chat so we can try them out!

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