Mermaid Tail Cocktail Glasses

Because your drinks should look magical

If you haven't watched Iliza Schlesinger's bit about mermaids, you must; you'll die laughing. Then you can skip being a mermaid and just buy these mermaid tail cocktail glasses instead. The wine glasses are actually glasses within glasses, as you can see, because setting your mermaid tail in an upright position from which to drink would be super awkward and likely spill. Mermaid-shaped everything is all the rage, from makeup brushes to blankets to towels, so you might as well get ahead of the curve and drink out of mermaid tails.

If mermaids aren't your thing, maybe you'll enjoy drinking out of these game glasses that have built-in puzzles to play with, or if you really like your standard wine glasses and want to drink in the shower, how about these bathtub shower wineglass holders?

Do you have any cool stemware or cocktail glasses at home? Share the weirdest ones you've found!

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