Losing Weight Drinking Beer

Apparently it's possible

Most people give up something for Lent--beer, sex, red meat, what have you. But did you hear about the man who drank a beer diet and lost over 40 pounds doing so? He only drank beer and water during Lent without food and lost 43 pounds. Yeah, if you skip eating for 45 days, you're going to lose weight, no matter what you drink.

This doesn't translate to a healthy diet, folks. People have lost weight eating just Twinkies, too. This still can affect everything from your blood sugar to liver illness and everything in between. Your health is between you and your doctor but I strongly would suggest NOT doing this. As an enthusiast of fasting, I've enjoyed many of the benefits this man talks about as well, but without the beer. If you want to try fasting, talk to your doctor--there are many benefits to be had if it's safe for you to do so--but I sure wouldn't advise drinking beer when there are lots of great teas, flavored water, etc. you can enjoy.

Have you ever tried an extreme drinking diet like this one? How did it go?

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