Great Wines for Cheap

What do the sommeliers drink?

When you look for really good wines at cheap prices, you normally end up with a bottle with an 80 rating, which is decent enough. But what if you really want to find something special at a fraction of the cost? Ask a sommelier! According to professional wine tasters, some of the best cheaper wines can be located in Portugal, Chile, the Rhone Valley and Austria. These places are typically overlooked by wine drinkers but still produce excellent quality wine.

Spanish cava is a great find, champagne-like wines that are purchased more cheaply, and the German riesling can be purchased for $20 when it tastes like a $60 bottle of wine. Puglia wines are also considered to be exceptional yet largely unnoticed by wine lovers. For the complete list of suggestions be sure to visit the link.

What is the best cheap wine you've ever had? Share your favorites in the chat.

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