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What's on your fall menu?

It may not be fall, y'all, but it sure will be in a couple of weeks, and I'm so ready for the apples, cinnamon and everything cozy. How about you? It's time to start planning those September drink menus for parties, cozy evenings around the firepit or nightcaps during the weekend. 

You could always choose from classic fall cocktials. Liquor.com has you covered with 11 essentials, ranging from the Bijou to--get this--sangria made with hard cider and apple cider, among other things! That just screams wassail and makes me want to diffuse some apple cinnamon scents immediately! Or how about this Washington Apple, complete with cranberry juice and Canadian whiskey? Yum. 


What yummy fall concoctions are you making? Share your September sips in the chat!




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