Drink 25 Cups Of Coffee A Day!

Please don't.

Another example of modern studies proving nothing, a recent report maintains that 25 cups of coffee isn't bad for your heart because it doesn't stiffen arteries. Look, I love coffee. It's one of my top 5 favorite things. But if I even drink half that much I can attest to how damaging it is on me just on that same day! Between the anxiety, hyperactivity and general heart palpitations, it's scary business. I know better than to do that, and I hope this study doesn't teach people that drinking that much coffee a day is okay. Half a pot is the most I'll do, but even that is a lot; on most days, I have one to two cups. 

Experts are pointing out the flaws in the study, saying that there are so many other problems associated with drinking that much coffee that it certainly shouldn't be treated as a safe activity to participate in. On the contrary, drinking 25 cups of coffee can be damaging in many ways. Drinking 25 cups a day of anything can be a damaging activity!

Did you read the study? What did you think?

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