Dorito Cocktails

Would you drink one?

Dorito cocktails? Yes, they are a thing, just as just about everything is a thing these days. Hey, if it works for tacos, right? No... that's really not how this works. But this milky Dorito cocktail is just one example of a creative bartender rising to the challenge. And while this nacho cocktail isn't exactly the same thing, you could still make it with Doritos, too.

We're living in a world where any food is made from anything you can eat, whether it's tuna cookies or White Castle burger Thanksgiving stuffing. It's amazing what people come up with, and while some ideas are pure genius, others seem to be crimes against nature. Not having tried a Dorito cocktail and not sure if I even want to, I can't condemn the drink except to say... it's a Dorito cocktail.

Would you drink a Dorito beverage? Have you had one before and if so, what was it like? What's the weirdest thing you've made a drink out of in the past?

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