Curious Elixirs Will Send You Booze-Free Cocktails

They also offer a monthly service

Some studies show that people are drinking less alcohol and many companies--including those that sell only alcohol!--are jumping on board the trend of selling booze-free cocktails. Curious Elixirs is a "bold not boozy" company that makes hand-crafted cocktails, bottles them and ships them out to you to enjoy instead of a glass of wine each evening.

This is seriously exciting news for people who love the taste of cocktails but don't like alcohol, are abstaining for any reason or feel tired after drinking (like me!). What's better is that there aren't any added sugars in the drinks. There are two servings per bottle and each serving is between 10 and 45 calories and 3 to 19 carbs. Each Elixir has its own unique blend of ingredients and flavors so it will be exciting to try them all out. Serving suggestions include drinks over ice or with the suggested garnishes.

What do you think of Curious Elixirs? Will you be trying one?

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