Cranberry Cocktails

Just in case you need a reason to use up that fruit...

If you make your own cranberry sauce, more power to you: I like it store-bought and homemade for different reasons, and both can be used after the holiday for everything from quesadilla sauce (seriously, turkey quesadillas are amazing) to, of course, cocktails! Here's a great recipe for a cranberry-infused cocktail you can make this season, a cranberry margarita to make you dance a bit, but it's made with cranberry cocktail juice, not the sauce. 

That said, you can make a vodka smash with some leftover cranberry sauce, or this bourbon cocktail that features cranberry sauce. Once you see how to use it in your recipes, you can pretty much sub it in many others as much as you'd like! Of course, cranberry juice is always easy to use, and if you've eaten all of your cranberry sauce, we're not about to fault you for taking the easy route.

Do you have any great cranberry drink recipes for the holidays? Share them in the chat.

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