Brunch Cocktails for Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is just around the corner. Do you have your drink lineup planned? Whether you're staying in, going out for brunch or just enjoying a drink on your own, what have you got planned?

This list of brunch cocktails looks like an interesting place to start if you need some ideas. The strawberry mimosas are probably most appealing to me! I'm a sucker for all things strawberry, especially if it's blended and drinkable, but I'd go for a strawberry shortcake, too. (Note: one of my favorite local coffee shops is running a strawberry shortcake shake for Mother's Day!) How does a blood orange bloody mary sound? Blood orange is one of my favorite flavors, and while I'm not a big bloody mary drinker, that's something I'd try.

Which of these drinks looks most appealing to you? What drinks do you plan to enjoy for Mother's Day weekend? Share your recipes or restaurants in the chat!

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