Boozy Mistakes

Which have you been making?

Do you serve your sake warm or chilled? Which wine do you drink with fish, red or white? Many of the drinking rules that we follow are based not in reality but in myth, making many of us drink "the wrong way" throughout our entire lives. Although if you enjoy something, is there truly a "wrong" way to like it?

Taking pairing fish with a white, for example. It's not an end all, be all rule. In fact, it's more according to the tannins in the wine that affect the fish and wine than the color. Both reds and whites need to be re-corked and stored on their sides, and a silver spoon will sadly not keep your champagne bubbly.

For more fun myths and rules, be sure to visit the link. Which rules do you follow with your alcohol? Post them in the chat below.


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