Blue Curacao

You'll feel like you're on vacation already...

Have you ever enjoyed blue curacao? The liqueur is pretty much the orange standard with blue coloring, but it's making a quick comeback right now as popular chefs and mixologists like Torrence Swain employ it in new drinks. When mixed with the right flavors, it can create a tropical taste sensation that will whisk you away toward paradise, no plane tickets required! A blue margarita with black salt is especially appealling, both visually and internally.

New types of blue curacao are being made by companies like the French company Giffard, but the rise in popularity seems to be cyclic as well. Blue drinks were trendy not just a few years ago and they're making a comeback for today's young drinkers who want cool blue pics on Instagram, not to mention yummy flavor combos.

Do  you like blue curacao drinks? Which ones are your favorites? Share them in the chat below.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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