Bacon Drinks

Yes, they are a thing

Years ago, if someone offered you a bacon-flavored milkshake or a cocktail with bacon, you might have blanched. What a weird thing to do, combine bacon with drinks! Today when someone mentions they had a bacon milkshake, they are more likely simply asked if it featured maple flavor, too, or not.

Bacon cocktails are all the rage for lovers of the meat, and whether you want a bacon martini, a Mitch Morgan or a BLT cocktail, there's a recipe for you. Want to convince yourself you're having breakfast? Try the bacon, tomato and vodka cocktail. The bacon old fashioned is also considered a brunch-worthy drink, while the bacon n' eggnog drink may just be the oddest or most delicious flavor you'll ever experience.

What bacon cocktails do you enjoy? Share your recipes and tips in the chat.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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