Alcohol-Related Diseases On The Rise

Drinking responsibly is key

Experts believe that binge drinking among young people is responsible for the rise of severe alcohol-related liver disease that's currently booming. People with risk for cirrhosis, death and liver cancer are increasing. With a new study published every day about how alcohol is good for you, but then bad for you, and everyone making jokes about how it's always wine o'clock, is it really any wonder?

Obviously drinking less and not binge-drinking is key to prevention, but so is prioritizing a healthier culture not only with healthier coping mechanisms but a society in which less coping is necessary. Imagine a world where everyone earns enough money to support themselves and their families, gets universal healthcare and free college, and even gets paid vacation and maternity/paternity time. It seems like a standard package for our century yet it's lacking in most households, so it's no wonder people drink. 

Everything is connected, and better healthcare and standard of living is going to lead to less drinking, too. Do you think there are more factors at play when it comes to the rise of drinking-related disease?

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