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Review: Skinny Mixes Salted Caramel Mocha And Cookie Dough

Since I reviewed my purchase of Jordan's Skinny Mixes' Christmas Cookie, which I LOVED, I thought I'd share my thoughts on two other flavors I tried this week, which were Cookie Dough and Salted Caramel Mocha.

Let's start with the bad, which was Cookie Dough. Ugh. It did not taste like cookie dough, or cookies, chocolate or anything yummy. I tried it in coffee and in almond milk and both times it tasted gross. In the almond milk it almost tasted like grass! So that one's definitely not for me. Maybe it's just my tastes.

Signature Drink of 2019

My friends all know that if I could just drink my food, I would, and often do. I much prefer drinking to eating and am constantly finding new favorites. My current favorite is a lemon loaf Tazo tea with a bit of stevia and heavy cream. It's delightful, but I do recommend two teabags. My favorite cocktail is much simpler--just some pineapple juice with vodka in it. It's popular in Spain, where I taught for a semester, and I've always carried it with me, although I'll try almost any cocktail once.

Black Lemonade

Have you ever tried making black lemonade? The reason it's black is a little disappointing. It's not like when you find out there are brown tomatoes and purple carrots; there are no black lemons, at least not that you'd want to consume safely! The color just comes from activated charcoal tablets, although I'm sure you could come up with another way to make it black if you preferred to do so.

Girl Scout Cookie Cocktails

Girl Scout Cookie season my be over, but you can still make Girl Scout Cookie cocktails! While some of these do require actual cookies, many can be made with substitutions. You can also get cookies at select pop-up booths across the country (call your local supermarket to see if they'll be having one sometime soon). The cookies also freeze well, so keep that in mind for next year.

Follow Cocktail Recipe

Has your drinking become a little boring lately? Searching the web for the latest cocktails on Pinterest can be fun, but how about the element of surprise? There are several good drinking blogs to follow on Facebook that will deliver a new recipe to your feed every few days, giving you something new to try without having to do any research on your own at all. Cocktail Recipe is one of these blogs.

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