Ringing in the New Year

Fellow drinkers, you have less than two days to finalize your plans for New Year's Eve, which includes your choice of bubbly or other spirits to get into the New Year's spirit! Depending on what you already have going on, you may not even need to make new plans: many restaurants and venues are providing a toast complete with champagne. But if you plan on celebrating at home or with company in another home, you might want to get creative and get your bottles today.

Pomegranate Cocktails

Whether you follow the legend of Kore or Persephone (who are essentially the same person but with vastly different stories, depending on which one you think is most accurate!), you can't deny that pomegranates are a lovely symbol of this time of year. Why not celebrate your darkness and surviving Hades on Earth with a pomegranate cocktail or two before Mecury goes into Retrogade?

Black Magic Cocktails

Okay, I get that it's too early for Halloween for a lot of people. In my house, September is pretty much Halloween Eve, the entire month of October is Halloween and we wear a different costume every day. So if you're not into the theme, it's okay, these are great drinks for any time--just know that I definitely have these in mind for October entertaining!

What Are You Drinking For The Fourth?

Independence Day isn't one of my favorite holidays, but I do love to spend time with my family, have a rare beer on tap at the park (although ours is flooded this year and we probably won't go elsewhere) and watch the fireworks from afar. My husband loves the whole shebang--grilling meat, shooting off his own fireworks, etc.--and while that's not my cup of tea, a good Fourth of July cocktail certainly is!


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