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Pomegranate Cocktails

Whether you follow the legend of Kore or Persephone (who are essentially the same person but with vastly different stories, depending on which one you think is most accurate!), you can't deny that pomegranates are a lovely symbol of this time of year. Why not celebrate your darkness and surviving Hades on Earth with a pomegranate cocktail or two before Mecury goes into Retrogade?

Cold Weather Cocktails

Now that cold weather is upon us, it's time to start whipping up a few cold weather cocktails! I love the cooler weather so much, but I do get really cold these days to the point where I wear layers. I remember in my teens being so warm all of the time that I rarely even wore a jacket, and now adult me is admiring peacoats and layering my socks when I go outside in the winter.

Purple Cocktails

Purple is one of my favorite Halloween colors, and I think purple cocktails make a dazzling display on a table during a party. I ran across this recipe for "The Witch's Heart" cocktail, which not only sounds delicious with its blackberry and apple flavors, but also looks so cute with its powdered dry ice creating spooky fog in and around the glass! It's the little details like that, that make a drink exceptional. 

Halloween Sips

It's Halloween season, which means pumpkin spice latte is everywhere! I do love a good PSL, but it's not my all-time favorite, and I do get sick of it after a while. If I buy PSL coffee grounds, they last months because I have to take breaks! Even so, this season is still all about fall flavors, and I've got apples on the mind today.

Unicorn Sparklers

I'm a big fan of Jordan's Skinny Mixes, and the more of them I try, the better recipes I find. Take this super simple one for Unicorn Sparklers. All you need is some champagne, your syrup and the whipped foam, if you want it. Poof! A gorgeous, tasty drink in seconds. I suggest Unicorn because it's my favorite Skinny Syrup, but you could make this with so many other syrups that they offer that the ideas are really endless.

Superfood Drinks

When it comes to cocktails, integrating superfoods into your libations isn't usually high on anyone's list of priorities, but it's definitely a possibility, and if you can do it and make it taste awesome, why not? Brandless sent me an email a few days ago describing how to do just this with some of their organic Moringa powder, which is a vegan, gluten-free superfood that you can add to just about anything.

Black Magic Cocktails

Okay, I get that it's too early for Halloween for a lot of people. In my house, September is pretty much Halloween Eve, the entire month of October is Halloween and we wear a different costume every day. So if you're not into the theme, it's okay, these are great drinks for any time--just know that I definitely have these in mind for October entertaining!


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