Gorgeous Garnishes

When it comes to cocktails, the garnish isn't what makes the drink. Your ingredients have to be good in order to pull of a tasty libation. But garnishes can definitely add some extra appeal, especiall when you want to take it up a notch. That might mean something non-edible that fits your theme, like tiny aliens for a sci-fi party or even a broom-shaped stir stick for a Harry Potter adult party. Edible garnishes, however, are usually appreciated by many guests, particularly when they are delicious to boot.

Watermelon Mint Frose

To be fair, summer ain't over yet. But between our AC dying, Bath and Body Works releasing its Halloween line already and our co-op organizing fall activities, I'm so ready for it to be. The bugs this year have been terrible, too. Refreshing summer cocktails do make it better, though, and this recipe is perfect for this time of year.

Signature Drink of 2019

My friends all know that if I could just drink my food, I would, and often do. I much prefer drinking to eating and am constantly finding new favorites. My current favorite is a lemon loaf Tazo tea with a bit of stevia and heavy cream. It's delightful, but I do recommend two teabags. My favorite cocktail is much simpler--just some pineapple juice with vodka in it. It's popular in Spain, where I taught for a semester, and I've always carried it with me, although I'll try almost any cocktail once.

Very Vanilla

I don't know why people use "vanilla" to describe boring things. It's my all-time temptress flavor. I'll succumb to vanilla Oreos far sooner than the chocolate ones, and don't even get me started on Nilla Wafers! Did you know that there's a martini mde with Nilla Wafers? It's really just amaretto and vanilla vodka, but could you imagine lining your glass with wafter crumbs? Mmmm... It supposedly tastes just like Nilla Wafers.

Holiday Coffee

Can I confess something to you? I gave up sugar for most of the year, but ever since we hosted a teen holiday party for my kid's friends over a week ago I've been adding a bit of hot cocoa powder to my coffee! I don't do it every day but man, when I do, does it give me a burst of holiday cheer. I know I can make my own "keto" cocoa with heavy cream, sweetener and cocoa powder and I do that sometimes, but there's just something about that big chocolatey can (which I'm sure is full of crap) that the kids love. It smells like Christmas.

The Best Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa, whether spiked or not, is the drink of the season. I've enjoyed so many cups of cocoa this month that you'd think I'd be sick of it but I'm not yet! Some are weirder than others (a church event we attend serves a recipe made with sweetened condensed milk), and some are just plain delicious (mixing in cocoa with my coffee: hello, mocha!). I get a giant tub of mix for my daughter's winter get-togethers with friends and it lasts us maybe two events, but she likes the Swiss Miss packets best.

Candy Corn Cocktails

Within my circle of friends, candy corn is a bit of a joke. In my house, it might be utilized for Halloween gingerbread houses but it certainly won't be eaten. We have one friend who actually enjoys the stuff and we love to rip on her about it, but I have to say that it's one of the cutest candies. My grandmother liked it and that's enough for me to respect it at least a bit. If you do like candy corn, would you be interested in trying a candy corn cocktail?

Girl Scout Cookie Cocktails

Girl Scout Cookie season my be over, but you can still make Girl Scout Cookie cocktails! While some of these do require actual cookies, many can be made with substitutions. You can also get cookies at select pop-up booths across the country (call your local supermarket to see if they'll be having one sometime soon). The cookies also freeze well, so keep that in mind for next year.

Follow Cocktail Recipe

Has your drinking become a little boring lately? Searching the web for the latest cocktails on Pinterest can be fun, but how about the element of surprise? There are several good drinking blogs to follow on Facebook that will deliver a new recipe to your feed every few days, giving you something new to try without having to do any research on your own at all. Cocktail Recipe is one of these blogs.


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