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Curious Elixirs Will Send You Booze-Free Cocktails

Some studies show that people are drinking less alcohol and many companies--including those that sell only alcohol!--are jumping on board the trend of selling booze-free cocktails. Curious Elixirs is a "bold not boozy" company that makes hand-crafted cocktails, bottles them and ships them out to you to enjoy instead of a glass of wine each evening.

Military Members Drink The Most Days Each Year

Would it come to you as no surprise if I told you that out of all professions surveyed, it's the military who drinks the most days of the year? According to the CDC, the average profession reports people drinking 91 days a year, but service members tend to drink an average of 130 days each year.  That's more than every three days.  

Signature Drink of 2019

My friends all know that if I could just drink my food, I would, and often do. I much prefer drinking to eating and am constantly finding new favorites. My current favorite is a lemon loaf Tazo tea with a bit of stevia and heavy cream. It's delightful, but I do recommend two teabags. My favorite cocktail is much simpler--just some pineapple juice with vodka in it. It's popular in Spain, where I taught for a semester, and I've always carried it with me, although I'll try almost any cocktail once.

Mermaid Tail Cocktail Glasses

If you haven't watched Iliza Schlesinger's bit about mermaids, you must; you'll die laughing. Then you can skip being a mermaid and just buy these mermaid tail cocktail glasses instead. The wine glasses are actually glasses within glasses, as you can see, because setting your mermaid tail in an upright position from which to drink would be super awkward and likely spill.

Keurig for Cocktails

If you've ever remarked that there should be a cocktail machine similar to your Keurig for brewing up drinks instead of coffee, tea or cocoa, you're in luck. The Drinkworks Home Bar is now at your service, offering a range of beers and cocktails for all of your single-serve needs. If you're wondering whether or not each pod is totally comprehensive, containing every ingredient for the cocktail of your choice... the answer is yes! Everything is pre-measured, with premium ingredients in each pot. Want a margarita? Pop the pod in.

The Perfect Manhattan

All too often, the recipe for a beloved drink just doesn't do it justice. Maybe the restaurant where you have the drink has better top shelf liquor than you have at home, or maybe the ingredients are swayed just a teeny bit toward the secretive realm where you just can't make out what that lovely flavor is. That's what's so great about A Beautiful Mess: those stylish entrepreneurs know how to make a cocktail and they 're frequently sharing their secrets with us!

Blue Curacao

Have you ever enjoyed blue curacao? The liqueur is pretty much the orange standard with blue coloring, but it's making a quick comeback right now as popular chefs and mixologists like Torrence Swain employ it in new drinks. When mixed with the right flavors, it can create a tropical taste sensation that will whisk you away toward paradise, no plane tickets required!


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