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Pomegranate Cocktails

Whether you follow the legend of Kore or Persephone (who are essentially the same person but with vastly different stories, depending on which one you think is most accurate!), you can't deny that pomegranates are a lovely symbol of this time of year. Why not celebrate your darkness and surviving Hades on Earth with a pomegranate cocktail or two before Mecury goes into Retrogade?

Black Magic Cocktails

Okay, I get that it's too early for Halloween for a lot of people. In my house, September is pretty much Halloween Eve, the entire month of October is Halloween and we wear a different costume every day. So if you're not into the theme, it's okay, these are great drinks for any time--just know that I definitely have these in mind for October entertaining!

Refreshing Summer Drinks

With today's current heat advisory, I'm ready for something super refreshing to cool off with. This list of cocktails looks really good. Watermelon motijos and rose sangria look so good, as does the coconut water champagne fruit punch! I don't have most of these ingredients at hand, though, and I'm looking for something really good. I thought I had some frozen fruit but I gave it all to my chickens to cool off with! 

What Are You Drinking For The Fourth?

Independence Day isn't one of my favorite holidays, but I do love to spend time with my family, have a rare beer on tap at the park (although ours is flooded this year and we probably won't go elsewhere) and watch the fireworks from afar. My husband loves the whole shebang--grilling meat, shooting off his own fireworks, etc.--and while that's not my cup of tea, a good Fourth of July cocktail certainly is!

Curious Elixirs Will Send You Booze-Free Cocktails

Some studies show that people are drinking less alcohol and many companies--including those that sell only alcohol!--are jumping on board the trend of selling booze-free cocktails. Curious Elixirs is a "bold not boozy" company that makes hand-crafted cocktails, bottles them and ships them out to you to enjoy instead of a glass of wine each evening.

Military Members Drink The Most Days Each Year

Would it come to you as no surprise if I told you that out of all professions surveyed, it's the military who drinks the most days of the year? According to the CDC, the average profession reports people drinking 91 days a year, but service members tend to drink an average of 130 days each year.  That's more than every three days.  

Signature Drink of 2019

My friends all know that if I could just drink my food, I would, and often do. I much prefer drinking to eating and am constantly finding new favorites. My current favorite is a lemon loaf Tazo tea with a bit of stevia and heavy cream. It's delightful, but I do recommend two teabags. My favorite cocktail is much simpler--just some pineapple juice with vodka in it. It's popular in Spain, where I taught for a semester, and I've always carried it with me, although I'll try almost any cocktail once.


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