Curious Elixirs Will Send You Booze-Free Cocktails

Some studies show that people are drinking less alcohol and many companies--including those that sell only alcohol!--are jumping on board the trend of selling booze-free cocktails. Curious Elixirs is a "bold not boozy" company that makes hand-crafted cocktails, bottles them and ships them out to you to enjoy instead of a glass of wine each evening.

Military Members Drink The Most Days Each Year

Would it come to you as no surprise if I told you that out of all professions surveyed, it's the military who drinks the most days of the year? According to the CDC, the average profession reports people drinking 91 days a year, but service members tend to drink an average of 130 days each year.  That's more than every three days.  

Irish Drinks

St. Patrick's Day is quickly approaching, and while many of us already have delicious favorite drinks we're looking forward to enjoying, there's always something new to mix up and try. For example, have you ever thought to mix a Bailey's Mint Martini? Adding some Creme de Menthe to Bailey's is so simple, yet I've never even considered the idea. Now I want one right now!

The Darker It Is The More You Drink

Years ago, I read that the darker the room, the more you eat. This makes perfect sense since you might pay less attention to how much you've eaten, and apparently the same is true for drinking. People who live in cold, dark areas drink more than people in lighter areas as well, but couldn't this also just be because they are cold and hope to warm up with a drink?


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