Starbucks Passport Series

Have you tried these bottled Frappuccinos?

As a sucker for just about any flavor of coffee--iced or hot--I had to grab this Starbucks Chocolate Churro bottled Frappuccino when I spotted it at the gas station. I wasn't disappointed! Chocolate and cinnamon is one of my favorite combinations and I was so happy with this little impulse buy. I turns out that the company launched three flavors in this new Passport Series this year.

The Passport Series is based on international desserts and now that I know about them, I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for the other two flavors: Caramel Flan and Hazelnut Tiramisu! Yum! How fun would it be if they made a slightly fruity gelato flavor? I know lots of people are upset about the swap from the annual S'mores Frappucino to the Strawberry Funnel Cake (both are awesome so I'm in both camps!), so maybe if you want a chocolate fix you could try this one and see how you like it for now. Personally I am hoping there will be a surprise S'mores comeback; maybe they'll run it in the fall like Steak N Shake does with the S'mores shake!

Have you tried any new coffee flavors lately? Share your reviews in the chat.

Up to 50% Off Drink Mixes

Skinny Mixes sale requires no coupons

It's no secret that I love my Skinny Mix syrups. I use them in drinks, desserts, even cooking! Right now they're having a sale with no codes, coupons or caveats. The whole site is up to 50% off and you get free shipping if you spend $59 or more (that's an every day deal), so you might want to do what my sisters and I do and combine your orders to take advantage of that deal.

Personally I've been wanting to try their new "plus" flavors that include immunity or energy enhancements and now they're much cheaper than regular price... but I also would love to do a little restock. I've been out of mango for weeks and I love that in my green tea, believe it or not!

Do you know of any other great drink syrup deals? Share them here in the chat.

4th of July Cocktails

Share your recipes in the chat

Is June really so near its end already? The month has flown by and it's nearly time to celebrate the Fourth of July. Many people love to make everything red, white and blue this time of year. While it's fun to make multi-colored cocktails and desserts, personally I just really like the bomb pop flavors that mimic those colors, especially in snow-cones!

It's also really fun to create colorful fruit drinks this time of year with actual fruit. This sparkling sangria is a great example. There's a new drink going around where you blend strawberries and lemon slices with sweetened condensed milk and sugar, too, which sounds really good.

What are you making next weekend? Share your recipes in the chat.

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Summer Solstice Libations

What are you making?

Since I follow a lot of drink artists on TikTok I've been seeing so many great recipes for the upcoming Summer Solstice this week. From fruity teas made in the sun to mixed drinks (often featuring lemonade), there are way too many good ideas to try them all, but I'd certainly like to try!

Given that the strawberry moon is just a few days after the solstice this year, I may have to go with something strawberry and delicious. I'm thinking a strawberry shortcake cocktail, and I'm wondering if I can find some kind of shortcake flavor in time. If not, I'll probably just make the traditional kind and add a little booze for the holiday.

How about you? What are you making to drink this solstice? Share your recipes in the chat.

Boozy Ice Cream Cocktails

What are you cooling off with this weekend?

While I won't ever say no to a mudslide on a hot day, I also know there are so many other great flavors and life's to short for chocolate ALL the time! So I thought I'd look up some new alcohol-infused ice cream flavors to check out this weekend as the weather continues to get way too hot for my tastes where I live.

The first one that caught my eye was this buttered rum float. Doesn't it look like a grown-up version of a Hogwarts drink? Then something really fancy came up in my search results and I have to try this Rhubarb Elderflower float. I have to say it sounds better with strawberries but when you check out the recipe it looks like it will really work.

What is your favorite boozy way to cool off and relax? Share your favorite recipe in the chat.

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Freshen Up Those Summer Drinks

What do you like to use?

If your favorite thing about summer is a fridge full of fresh fruit, you are my kind of person! Boy do I love fresh produce in the summertime, and I'll add it all to my drinks throughout the hot months. Choosing a favorite is nearly impossible.

Mango lassis? Strawberry lemonade or smoothies? Yes to both, please, as well as icy concoctions we can make when we freeze wedges of lemons and limes to make citrus goodness. Did you know you can blend them up, rind and all, for more health benefits? I didn't know that until this year so I plan on doing some experimenting with that. You can also make them into ice cubes to flavor your drinks!

How do you incorporate fresh produce into your summer beverages? Share your tips in the chat.

Mixing Teas

Ever tried it?

While green tea is great, when I make it at home I tend to make it way too bitter. It's probably because I forget about it and steep it for too long, which doesn't affect herbal teas nearly as much. Most black teas are even okay for me if I do that. Since I'm trying to drink more green tea, I decided to do an experiment that I'll chalk up as an epic failure this week.

Blending my usual chamomile and calendula in a strainer, I tossed in some of a multi-fruit black tea from Grimoire Tea, who makes fabulous tea blends, and put it all in my cup... along with a green tea bag. Yeah, you could definitely predict how badly this would end, but I had to know! It was disgusting, to say the least. I added some Skinny Syrup in mango to help it go down but wow, I won't do that again!

Have you ever successfully mixed teas like that? Or do you have worse stories than mine? Share them in the chat!

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Best Drink Makers On TikTok

Who do you follow?

Drink makers on TikTok are absolutely inspiring. So many of them have a unique aesthetic and watching them make drinks can be downright soothing. Quincy's Tavern, for example, is a wonderful place to unwind while he serves food and drink (and some RPG wisdom). There are TikTokers who are also witches and create drinks meant to give additional benefits. There are drink makers who specialize in tea or coffee, and drink makers who use really unique ingredients, ice cubes or glassware.

Esther's Cafe has fun zodiac drinks to try, and Jessica Furniss turns old songs into drinks while playing them. Elizabeth Markham is an actual bartender who gives some really fun recipes, like French martini jelly shots.

Who do you follow on TikTok? Share them or some of your favorite recipes in the chat.

Peanut Butter Cocktails

Yay or nay?

More and more peanut butter flavors seem to be available in everything from smoothies to cocktails and I'm just not sure how I feel about it. I don't mind a bit in a smoothie or shake; I love PB and as long as it's not overpowering it can be tasty. But I'm not sold on the flavor as a cocktail just yet, especially if it's by itself without the addition of chocolate or something.

But why do we feel this way about certain flavors? Theoretically if anything is food-based, it should be able to be made into a cocktail... right? I'm not sure if I'd like a toasted ravioli cocktail but I'm sure someone, somewhere, has made one! Peanut butter is sweet, dessert-y and beloved, so why don't I like the idea of this cocktail?

Maybe you know the answer! Do you think peanut butter makes a good mixed drink? Why or why not?

Celebrating Your Vaccine!

What's the first drink you'll enjoy once your two weeks have passed?

Officials are now saying that we're not going to reach herd immunity since so many people are refusing to get vaccinated. It's incredibly disheartening but not surprising given how many people spread disinformation and vote for "alternative facts" candidates, but I have to say that I'm still heartbroken. This week, my "Poison of Choice" is my second shot, and in two weeks I am going to celebrate!

My family and I still plan to distance and wear masks, even though they aren't enforced in my area anymore, so we will probably get takeout, but I have my eye on some really good local margaritas to celebrate. I can't wait until vaccines are approved for teens and kids so more of us can get protected, but I'll continue to enjoy my food and drinks away from people who could be vulerable.

How about you? What will you drink to celebrate getting your final vaccination?

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