Crown Royal Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Have you tried them?

Ready to drink cocktails are all the rage right now since everyone is drinking at home, and Crown Royal has several options to try. The Canadian whiskey is mixed with various fruit flavors to create new crisp, refreshing drinks you can enjoy at home.

There are peach, apple and whiskey and cola flavors available for now, and I think all of them sound great to try! I know many othe companies are offering ready to drink mixed drinks in cans (or bottles) as well and I'd love to know what you are enjoying right now.

What kinds of ready made drinks have you been enjoying at home, and where do you get them? Tell us in the chat.

Sweet Valentine Cocktails

What are you making?

Valentine's Day gets a bad rap because people hate commercialization and being reminded they are single, but honestly, don't all holidays do that? Can't we use any holiday as an excuse to have fun as a family, treat ourselves (or even our pets!) and just enjoy the day? My dad always bought us boxes of chocolates when we were kids, so that probably helped shape my view of the holiday.

And those sweet memories make me want to celebrate V-Day with some sweet drinks and treats! If you want something nice and fruity, how about a Love Potion? If you like it spicy, how about this Heart Cracker Rum featuring ginger beer and cinnamon? Yum! And here are a bunch of cocktails to make with Valentine candy that are irresistible.  Twix and Skittles? yes, please!

What drinks will you be making?

Must-Try Cocktails

Have you made any of these yet?

Making homemade cocktails is a wonderful way to pass the time at home. You can learn new recipes, experiment with new flavors and become a knowledgeable barista while in quarantine!

There are so many recipes online that you can always find something to make but this list of 24 cocktail ideas is especially intriguing, especially since some don't require many ingredients. Others are updates on old classics that you may want to try!

What kind of drinks do you like to make? Share them in the chat.

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Drinks to Avoid on a Plane

Which ones would you suggest staying away from?

A flight attendant recently shared what NOT to drink on your flight, and I for one was super excited to hear that my airline drink of choice--Sprite from a can--was a safe bet. Kat Kamalani says that the tanks aren't cleaned, so if you want a drink that's not from a dirty tank, you want something from a can or bottle!

I believe it. I've worked in the food service industry and I've seen some horrors. I worked for a company that has strict cleaning policies but individual stores that didn't adhere to them. I also worked at a place that had things that obviously hadn't been cleaned in years that grossed me out so badly that I actually quit!

Do you have any drinking or eating tips based on your work experiences? Share them in the chat.

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Fun Ways To Make New Flavors

Share your ideas in the chat!

I am a big lover of flavor and not a big lover of sugar and calories, as many of you know! So I'm always trying to find fun new ways to make flavors without adding either. One of my favorites is to brew herbal teas and mix them in with smoothies. A good hibiscus tea is basically fruit punch, and there are so many tea makers that you could try a blend daily and never get bored. I love to try new orange blends, especially those that taste like Push pops, myself!

Flavored coffees are also my jam. You can try any flavored coffee without sugar or calories and add in what's best for your eating plan. Plenty of companies have samplers like the one I linked to, but do check your local tea, coffee and spice shops for sample sizes to buy. That's my favorite way of trying new flavors!

What is your favorite way to try new flavors? Share it in the chat.

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Teas for a New Year

What are you drinking?

Happy New Year, my fellow beverage lovers! I'd love to know what kinds of tea you're ringing in 2021 with this year.

I am still loving my sugar cookie tea from Celestial Seasonings and my STASH Christmas in Paris, but I saw that Grimoire Tea has a few tea events coming up this weekend and I'm curious about those! I love how some indie companies keep calendars so we can follow their events and find out which flavors we want.

Happy Turtle Tea is also running a special sale on four blends each month this year, which sounds like a great way to try them out! I have a huge wish list at the shop and an order on the way already!

How about you? What are you drinking this month?

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Easy NYE Cocktails

What are you brewing?

It's time for one of the biggest drinking at home days of the year! The question is... what are you mixing up? We grabbed a few Aldi specials, including their brand of Irish cream liquor, and I'm very excited to try it. But I know I'd like something bubbly and delicious for the whole midnight countdown at home, too.

Delish has this list of easy drinks that are simple to make at home, and I've got my eye on that beautiful glass of confetti champagne. Doesn't that look like a really festive way to welcome the new year? It has pop rocks around the rim but I'm sure some sprinkles would work, too!

What drinks are you mixing this weekend?

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The Best Red And Green Drinks

What do you like best?

The colors and garnishes of a cocktail are often just as much fun as its flavors, and the combination of red and green this time of year is one of my favorites. It's so bright and festive that you can't help but get into the holiday spirit, even if it's just a glass of fizzy water with some embellishments!

Speaking of which, one easy way to make a festive holiday drink is to add some candy apple flavor to some sparkling water. You can add extra red food coloring to make it even redder if you like. Then there are drinks like Grinch Punch to really get the party started! Since this year's parties are household members alone, it's even more important to make it as fun as you can.

What drinks are you making?

Secret Drinks At Starbucks

What is your go-to drink that's off menu?

It's the time of year when Starbucks has the most seasonal blends on its menu, so you may not want to mix it up from the Irish creams, salted mochas and other awesome beverages they have right now. But if you're like me and you need to cut the sugar down, or you just want something really unique, you could always customize your drink to the max.

I'm in several secret menu groups on Facebooks that are run by baristas and they are a great source of tips and tricks for ordering! They have all kinds of drinks, like the Grinch, Santa, Hocus Pocus and other things you may have never even heard of.

What are your favorite items that aren't on the Starbucks menu? Share them in the chat.

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Best Drink Finds at Aldi

Share your secrets!

Aldi is one of my favorite places to shop. It's to the point where I'm even in a social media group where we share our favorite Aldi finds and secrets! Aldi is one of the best places to buy booze because you can find reasonable quality at dirt cheap prices.

Bottles of wine can easily be found for under $5 at Aldi that actually taste good, and they have knockoff versions of everything from hard cider to Irish cream that taste just as good as the real thing. Speaking of real thing, our local Aldi also sells local craft beer and cider at super reasonable rates, too, which is why it's our favorite place to buy it outside of the breweries themselves.

What finds have you discovered at Aldi? Share your favorites in the chat!

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