Mood Drinking

What uplifts you?

Are you a mood drinker? Do you drink specific things to uplift your mood or compliment your feelings? I know I love to drink mead if I'm at a Ren Faire or engaging in festivities, enjoy a beer on tap during the Fourth of July and have hot chocolate on the first day of winter, but these are more traditions rather than moods.

To uplift my mood, I love to find teas with catnip, chamomile and other calming herbs. I love a good hot tea with cream. But I also sometimes really enjoy something fresh and iced, like water with herbs fresh from my garden or berries mixed in with tons of ice for something truly refreshing.

What do you drink to improve your mood? Share your favorites in the chat.

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All the Apple Drinks

What are you drinking?

I'm so pumped about it being apple season! Aren't you? I want to go pick apples (while social distancing), brew some yummy cider and really get into the fall spirit!

It turns out that Jordan's Skinny Syrups is selling a candy apple flavor this year. I'm super excited to try it out and see what I can make with it! 

How about you? Any apple cocktails up your sleeves? Tell us in the chat! 

September Drinks

What are you making?

As much as I love apple drinks, I'm not a fan of the sugar, so for September my plan is to drink a lot o apple tea! When you brew apple tea, you can control the amount of sugar you add, whether you want to mix apple juice and water, add stevia or your favorite sweetener and even some cinnamon. Yum!

I'm doing the same with PSL, although it's not my favorite of the season. I can blend my own at home with pumpkin puree for fewer calories and sugar, make mixed drinks, frappes or shakes and still get those flavors.

What are you whipping up this month? Share your recipes in the chat! 

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Late Summer Drinks

What are you making?

Summer wine? Yes, please! A few years ago I would've been all about apples and pumpkins at the end of summer, but Fortune Cookie Soap got me hooked on end-of-summer fruits with their Wizard of Oz ("Witch Please") collection last year. Now I'm all about those yummy summer smells. In fact, I've got some blackberry in my wax burner right now.

This list of late summer drinks is definitely a mood for me right now. I'm going to have to make me a Horn of the Bulls this weekend, complete with some of my gorgeous cucumbers from the garden. 

What late summer drinks do you love most? Share what you're making in the chat.

Cryptid Cocktails

What's the funkiest one you've ever tried?

With cryptid creatures on my mind lately, I started to wonder... are there cryptid cocktails? Why of course there are! Why wouldn't there be? And with recipes like this one for the Sasquatch drink, there are bound to be many others!

That's why I want to know if you know of any fabulous cryptid drinks. Maybe you know of a Nessie cosmo or a Mothman Manhattan. Who knows what local drinks might be out there waiting to be replicated!

Do you know of any fun cryptid drink recipes? Share them in the chat! 

Alcohol-Free Beer From Budweiser

Would you drink it?

I've known people trying to kick an alcohol addiction by swapping to alcohol-free beer and I think they've had mixed results between them. Budweiser is now offering an alcohol-free beer in their Budweiser Zero, a 50-calorie, alcohol-free beverage that is sugar free and supposedly tastes just like the real deal.

This is cool for sugar-free people since they can now drink beer--sort of--while their friends do, as well as those who don't want alcohol but enjoy the taste. Even so I have to wonder how popular it's going to be.
What do you think of the beer? Would you try it?

Pumpkin Spice Drinks Already!

August is when PSL season now begins...

It's happening! Everywhere you turn, there's pumpkin spice latte showing up. It was in coffee pods at Target this week. It was making headlines as Swiss Miss announced that they will have PSL cocoa this year. But isn't it a bit too early?

Normally I'd say yes. Halloween is my JAM but I don't like to rush it. I like to savor it and enjoy it in the fall, and I think August is time for peaches, not pumpkins! That said, maybe 2020 is a good time to really get into the spirit a bit early.

What do you think? Are you excited about PSL season? Is it too early?

Tea Subscriptions

Which ones do you use?

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, but did you know that you can subscribe to tea boxes? From looseleaf to bagged tea, big boxes with flavorings and accessories to simple tea of the month clubs, there's something for everyone.

I love Grimoire tea, so I'm trying out her Patreon club where you get one tea each month. What's nice is that you can cancel and re-subscribe anytime you want, and you get to vote on the tea of the month and know what it's going to be in advance.

What tea subscriptions do you use? Share them in the chat!

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More States Allow Cocktails to Go

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker just approved it

More and more states are jumping aboard the alcohol wagon, allowing patrons to buy to-go cocktails and kits to make them at home from area restaurants. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker just signed one such law into action.

This makes it really obvious how silly it was to not allow this to begin with before the pandemic, but that's how a lot of things feel right now. Things that are suddenly accessible via computer, making the world a lot easier for people with disabilities, driving anxiety, etc., really seem as if they should have always been available. Hopefully these laws will do what the governors hope they'll do, which is drive more business into restaurants.

What other alcohol laws have you seen changing?

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Coffee Maker Alarm Clock

What other cool drink-related gadgets have you tried?

As a big lover of all things coffee, tea, protein shakes and generally drinking my food, I love the idea of a coffee alarm clock. Honestly if I smelled that when it's time to get up, I would probably leap out of bed with joy! 

It made me wonder what other cool drink-related gadgets are out there. How awesome would an automatic protein smoothie maker be? I love my tiny frother and I've always wanted one of those really powerful bullet blenders, but what else is out there?

Do you have any great drink gadgets at home? Share them in the chat! 

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