Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

What are you making?

Green drinks are definitely one of the most popular ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and with that in mind, you could technically make many drinks more festive with a bit of dye. But if you really want a St. Patrick's Day themed drink, these ideas will really get you started!

Even their names are festive. From the Irish Maid to Shamrock Juice and Green Irish Whiskey Smash, if you already want to celebrate with a cocktail, these will definitely help you get more into the holiday spirit. I love the addition of elderberry, which is a fun trend in drinks lately. You'll see a lot of ingredients here, too--not just lime.

What are you making for St. Patrick's Day? Share your drink recipes in the chat!

The Best Sugar-Free Vodkas

Share your favorites!

Some of the biggest drinking trends right now include sugar-free and alcohol-free drinks, and one of my favorites of the former is sugar-free vodka. I can actually replace my favorite simple vodka and pineapple juice with a sugar-free vodka and sugar-free pineapple syrup! It's a pretty awesome trend.

Smirnoff Zero is obviously a good choice that many people like, and they have all kinds of infusions, from watermelon and mint to cucumber and lime. Devotion has a sugar-free and gluten-free vodka, and KEEL and Ketel One Botanical have lighter options as well.

Which sugar-free vodkas are your favorites? Share your favorite brands in the chat!

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DIY Paper Straws

Use them at your next party!

Many of us are trying to stay away from the plastic these days, and paper straws are one alternative that can be helpful. This cute kid and life hacker has some great tips on making edible straws, paper straws and even sustainable confetti for your party.

We have switched to stainless steel straws in our house and while it did require some getting used to at first with the metal clinking against your teeth, you adapt pretty quickly and learn how to avoid it. I love how cold the straws get when you drink cold liquids, too! And while it's not feasible for everyone, as many people with different abilities do need straws that bend and don't degrade quickly, those who can use reusable straws ought to give them a go.

How do you make your parties and drinking experiences more sustainable? Share your tips in the chat!

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Best Drink Mixers

What's your favorite?

Lately I've been enjoying some Jordan's Skinny Syrups in my diet Sprite with a splash of rum or vodka to unwind, but I really like to play with different carbonated waters. New flavors are constantly being released and I'm always eager to try a new one. This week it's this watermelon flavor.

I also love tea as my cocktail mixer, or coconut milk for something sweet and frothy. If you've never had your cocktail served in a chicken egg, you might be interested in some of these really unique mixers! Camel milk, anyone?

What's your favorite go-to mixer? What's the weirdest you've ever had? Share them in the chat!

Drinks of 2020

What are you drinking, old sport?

Now that it's 2020, celebrating a new decade as a reprise of the roaring twenties is all the rage. While that really doesn't bode well in some respects, it's fun to revisit the drinks of yesteryear and either make them as they were or try new twists on everything from the Old Fashioned to the Bee's Knees.

According to VinePar, cocktail trends for 2020 will include sustainability in addition to returning to classic flavors and motifs. New types of highballs are expected to be in fashion as well as types of brandies. Non-alcoholic drinks and local, regional alcohols will both be popular as well.

What do you think we'll see in 2020 as far as drink trends? What are you enjoying as your new signature drink of the decade?

Refreshments Worthy Of Prohibition

What would they think today...

When you consider the drinks of today against those banned during Prohibition, you have to wonder what people of the 1920s might have thought of today's drinks. Maybe they wouldn't have supported bootlegging if they'd known what kinds of wild concoctions we'd come up with. Bacon? In cocktails?

If you do think that today's drinks are a little too far out for your tastes, or if you just want to drink like they did back then, you might want to try these Prohibition era drinks. You have probably heard of the Old Fashioned and the Highball, but what about the Bee's Knees or Sidecar?

What's your favorite drink from the 1920s? Share it in the chat.

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Sweet Herby Drinks

Yes, Virginia, they do exist

When we hear the word herbaceous, we often assume it means that something will be savory and not sweet at all. I've been learning the opposite through exploring different indie perfume companies and now I've learned that herb-infused drinks can be pretty sweet, too!

Take a strawberry rosemary gin fizz, for example, or an orange and thyme cocktail, or any of these sweet yet herby drinks. What I love about them is that they bring each other's flavors out in a much more nuanced fashion than only-sweet or only-savory drinks might do.

What's your favorite herbaceous cocktail? Tell us in the chat!

Ringing in the New Year


Fellow drinkers, you have less than two days to finalize your plans for New Year's Eve, which includes your choice of bubbly or other spirits to get into the New Year's spirit! Depending on what you already have going on, you may not even need to make new plans: many restaurants and venues are providing a toast complete with champagne. But if you plan on celebrating at home or with company in another home, you might want to get creative and get your bottles today.

I think pomegranate is always a good choice for New Year's. It's festive and delicious. But since you're ushering in the 2020s, you might want to go with a more classic drink, or combine it with a martini. Here are some gorgeous drinks that look tasty and sound like they'd help you have a good time.

What kinds of drinks are you planning on having this New Year's Eve? Share your drink recipes in the chat.

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What's Your Breakfast Poison?

Booze with your food... or in it?

The joke is that it's always five o'clock somewhere, and drinking with breakfast--or at least brunch--is in fashion, especially if it incorporates juice and is suddenly a breakfast drink. Mimosas, screwdrivers and bloody marys have never gone out of style, but now people are actually putting their booze IN their breakfast food.

Ever tried champagne in your pancakes? I ran across this recipe that makes it sound like a decadent treat, but I'm still not sure if I want to try it. Would you rather drink your bubbly at New Year's or eat it in flapjacks, after all? Both don't sound like a bad way to use the bottle, really!

Have you ever cooked with champagne or any other alcohol in your breakfast food before? If so, what did you make? Share it with us in the chat!

Stroopwafel Stout

Are you kidding me?

As a person who loves flavor but is trying to limit my sugar, I gotta say, living in 2019 is hard. There's temptation everywhere, and for every sugar-free alternative that is released, there are probably 500 sugary products to make you drool right behind it. Case in point: Stroopwafel Stout.

A local brewing company where I live released their own version, so I looked it up and sure enough, it's becoming a thing in several different places. If you love stroopwafels, which I do, and you love beer (I do, too), this has got to make your bucket list at some point. I'm just going to have to try a sip of someone else's!

Have you tried a stroopwafel stout? How was it? Have you had any other holiday flavors lately? Post your links in the chat!