Boozy Cranberry Drinks

Share your finds and recipes

Now that Trader Joe's has their yummy cranberry beverages available for sale, I've got cranberry on the brain! I love cranberry-flavored beverages and look forward to the lemon-lime cranberry blends every year, but I've never really tried cranberry-flavored alcohol. How about you?

Everyone seems to make some, from St. James to Deep Eddy, and it all looks quite delicious! I've made my own vodka cranberry cocktails before, but I've never tried actual cranberry booze and would love recommendations from those who've enjoyed it before.

Have you ever tried cranberry alcohol? Share the kinds you like or your recipes in the chat!

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Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur

A delicious new take on the drink

Many of us are prepping for this week's long, long, long election counts with some choice beverages. As a fan of Bailey's, I figured I'd procure some for the week but when I ran across Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur from a local distillery in Missouri, the state I love and the state that continues to disappoint me in terms of elections--hence the drinks!--I thought I'd try it. I'm so glad I did!

This stuff is incredibly smooth and a "farm to table" product made in single batches. The cream itself? It comes from five different families in Ireland. This is the real deal. Holladay Distillery says that the goal was to make the first premium type of Irish cream on the market. I would argue that they did a fantastic job. I prefer this to Bailey's.

What is your poison of choice for Election Week? Do you like any other Irish creams that you think I should try? Share your drinks in the chat.

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Last-Minute Halloween Drinks

Share yours in the chat!

It's only days away and you've just come to terms with the fact that staying home is the best option. I totally get it, I was in denial for a while myself. So what do you do in terms of last minute Halloween drinks?

Luckily this list has you covered with a bunch of quick and easy options, or you could go with my favorite: easy DIY punch! You just mix half Sprite with half punch (go for Hawaiian red or green) and float some sherbet on top. Boom! It's foamy, frothy and OH so good, and you can add any alcohol you want for a grown-up version. 

What are you drinking at the last minute? Share your recipes in the chat.

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Pumpkin Spice Booze

What fall drinks are you enjoying?

It's fall, y'all, and that means it's time to enjoy all the pumpkin spice goodies, drinks and yes, booze! There seem to be more pumpkin spice themed drinks than ever, which is great for those of us who enjoy it. (Those of you who don't: what do you enjoy this time of year? I'm actually a bigger lover of apple flavor than pumpkin myself, but I love the pumpkin scent.)

Fulton's Harvest is at the top of my list to try. I'm a big Bailey's fan and I think I'd love it. Mr. Stacks has a liqueur that looks like it would be fantastic for blending, too. Captain Morgan's Jack-O'Blast also looks pretty tempting!

What fall-themed booze are you enjoying? Share it in the chat!

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Sipsby Subscription Boxes

Dozens of brands under one roof!T

One of the things that has kept me from signing up from a tea subscription box is that there are so many great brands to try it's hard to narrow it down. Sipsby is a subscription box that does that for you! You sign up and select the types of teas that you like (such as black, herbal or green) and they custom create a box for you each month featuring brands like Stash, Tea Drops, Tea Pigs and more!

Each month you get four different tea samples that create around 15 cups of tea. It's $15 a month with free shipping, so it's a pretty good deal; most tea companies that I buy looseleaf from charge between $2 to $3 per sample, and if you add in shipping, it's a little more than this price.

Have you tried Sisby? Do you think I should give it a go? Tell us about your experiences in the chat.

Halloween Drink Aesthetics

How will you creep it real?

It's really fun to design and create Halloween cocktails with different flavors and ingredients, but what if you can't use booze, or if you just want to take it up a notch? There are so many cute ways to make Halloween drinks even prettier--or spookier!

Halloween drink dispensers like this one can make ordinary punch into something super scary! A little bit of dry ice goes a long way, as do embellishments like spider rings, eyeballs in ice cubes, Jell-O shots in syringes or even as monster shapes from molds. It's the time of year to get super creative.

What will you be doing to spookify your Halloween drinks? Share your ideas and great finds in the chat.

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Boozy Advent Calendars

The perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season!

Advent calendars are SO much fun, and now they are making really cute Christmas tree-shaped calendars that are perfect for mini bottles of your favorite booze. Most of these are sold empty, but then you can head over to your favorite place to buy mini bottles and fill it up with the gift recipient's favorite flavors!

I love making homemade countdown calendars for my loved ones. I've made weird jerky, sock, quote, goofy scavenger hunt and other kinds of countdowns and having an easy medium in which to organize them is super helpful. In fact, sometimes it's half the battle.

Will you be making a holiday drink countdown calendar this year for yourself or someone you care about? What will you fill it with? Tell us in the chat!

New Mountain Dew Cocktail at Red Lobster

It's kind of perfect for 2020

Did you ever think that Mountain Dew might have a signature cocktail, and that said cocktail might officially be served at Red Lobster? The new Dew Garita is a margarita with some "special ingredients." It's going to be PepsiCo's new venture into the world of alcohol. 

Red Lobster's CEO says that this is the first of many other new menu items that we can expect to see soon. That's kind of fun since many restaurants are scaling back on what they offer on their menus lately during the pandemic.

What do you think of the Dew Garita? Will you be trying it? 

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Mood Drinking

What uplifts you?

Are you a mood drinker? Do you drink specific things to uplift your mood or compliment your feelings? I know I love to drink mead if I'm at a Ren Faire or engaging in festivities, enjoy a beer on tap during the Fourth of July and have hot chocolate on the first day of winter, but these are more traditions rather than moods.

To uplift my mood, I love to find teas with catnip, chamomile and other calming herbs. I love a good hot tea with cream. But I also sometimes really enjoy something fresh and iced, like water with herbs fresh from my garden or berries mixed in with tons of ice for something truly refreshing.

What do you drink to improve your mood? Share your favorites in the chat.

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All the Apple Drinks

What are you drinking?

I'm so pumped about it being apple season! Aren't you? I want to go pick apples (while social distancing), brew some yummy cider and really get into the fall spirit!

It turns out that Jordan's Skinny Syrups is selling a candy apple flavor this year. I'm super excited to try it out and see what I can make with it! 

How about you? Any apple cocktails up your sleeves? Tell us in the chat!